• Results

    • World Cup Sierra Nevada 2014

      6th Place

    • World Cup Ushuia 2014

      6th Place

    • Swiss Champion 2013

      1st Place Overall

  • Results

    • Redbull Line Catcher

      2nd Place


  • European skier of the year

    Nomination 2015

  • Movie of the year 2014

    IF3 Nomination | Gpsy Feelin

  • Rookie of the year 2014

    IF3 Nomination

  • European Skier of the year

    Nomination 2014

De Martin

After competing in Slopestyle and being in the Swiss freeski team for a few years, Laurent wanted to change and do something else. He always filmed Backcountry and street, but wanted to be more focused on that. He proved his Backcountry skills with a 2nd place at Redbull Linecatcher for his first participation. His goals for the future is for sure to continue in this direction. More freeriding with a touch of freestyle skiing.